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Lilly in Georgia

After a bug field trip.


"I'm glad we did that. [My daughter] was kind of acting like she didn't enjoy finding bugs anymore because the girls in the neighborhood are afraid of them. She wanted to go on a big hunt right away and now wants to go to the nature preserve to find more ladybugs."

Mary in North Carolina

After hosting :

"My kiddo had SO much fun and felt really excited and proud this morning. Tin Can Kids rocks"

Alix in South Carolina

I just want to say thank you two for this creative and wonderful idea of Tin Can Kids. It clearly is bringing a fun and easy structure to so many people's days. We look forward to it every morning and weave the "homework" into our day pretty easily. What a strange situation we are all in and what a nice surprise to have an immediate community with Tin Can Kids.

Susanna in North Carolina

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