Tin Can Kids Summer Toolkit FAQ

Updated: Jun 28, 2020

What is the Tin Can Kids Toolkit?

The Summer Toolkit is your playbook for the summer! For six weeks, you get:

  • A PDF with a weekly schedule of curated activities based on a theme;

  • Additional links to resources and collaborative boards to share your projects

  • Pre-recorded demo videos of some of the activities

  • A live Zoom call, aka the Friday lunch bunch, with Tin Can Kids Campers (this is not recorded or posted)

What and when do I get the resources?

You get your first week of schedules, activities, and resources, as soon as you purchase via the Summer Files section on the member-only section of our website.

The Summer Forum is where you can see demo videos and pictures.

After that you’ll get weekly emails directing you back to the Summer Files section on our website where you can download the materials for that week.

Can I purchase the toolkit weekly?

Yes! You can purchase all 6 weeks for $90 or per week for $15. See pricing for details.

How is this different from the free resources on your blog?

We love to connect with our community in different ways. The summer toolkit is a curated offering created by the co-creators of Tin Can Kids giving parents a structure to their weeks during the summer months without camp.

Our blog posts also provide ideas for families but aren’t thematic and don’t provide the same type of structure and resources, and ways to connect as the Summer Toolkit.

What is a Tin Can Kids Membership?

When you purchase a Summer Toolkit, you automatically become a member. It’s a way for you to access the weekly PDF schedule and resources on our website via the Summer Files page.

As a member you can participate as much or as little as you’d like on the forums, where you can post pictures of your Tin Can Kids summer.

What age(s) is this for?

The activities are targeted toward K-3, but can be leveled up or down depending on your child’s individual abilities, interests, and needs.

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