Tin Can Kids is Winding Down

By Emily

On the morning of Friday March 13, 2020, my husband James and I loaded up our cars, headed to work and school drop-offs. As we kissed goodbye, I said, “let’s enjoy today since it may be the last normal one for a while.” Little did I know what the future held.

Over the next 48 hours as everything shut down, Jean Gray and I responded by creating Tin Can Kids. We were one of the first out of the gate to provide something stable for families as the world rocked beneath our feet. We wanted to create structure, community, inspiration, and joy each morning at 10am. And it was so fun!

Spring rolled on and parents were everything, all the time, under one roof: employees, teachers, partners, parents, caregivers. Over time, families adapted. Parents learned how to talk to their kids about pandemics, then about modern-day civil rights movements. Parents set up schedules, reached out for more resources, and started remote learning.

Jean Gray and I decided to take a hiatus from daily field trips. We weren’t sure if Tin Can Kids still met the needs of families. But then spring turned to summer and camps started to close.

Once again we wanted to be a place of community, inspiration, guidance and support. Even if it was in a different form than the daily field trips, the Summer Toolkit was there to support families with a season of less camp and less travel.

Now as we turn our attention to fall, Tin Can Kids is winding down. We’re keeping our Instagram account and website (although it’ll be focused mainly on the blog), but taking down the YouTube channel. As we grew and evolved over the past four months, we have entered a new season. I am stepping away from Tin Can Kids entirely in order to focus on my museum consulting business. Jean Gray will take the reins from here and continue to share what is keeping her family engaged through Virtual Academy (I chose Plan B/C), and otherwise during these strange times.

The last thing I’ll say is: “We’re all in this together.” I heard that a lot at the beginning of March. I don’t hear it as much anymore but it seems more important than ever to remind ourselves of that.

And actually, two more things:

  1. Vote in November.

  2. Wear a mask.

See you later Tin Can Kids - with love,


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