The Art Doctor is In!

Updated: Jun 14, 2020

Laura Hoffman, an educator at the Lunder Conservation Center at the Smithsonian American Art Museum, taught us about art doctors, otherwise known as conservators.

We also pretended that we were conservators as she led us through an activity to understand how light affects paper (see details in the PDF below) .

We made a collage and then cut the paper into thirds. We cut one-third and put it in a cabinet. With the remaining 2/3, we covered half with tin foil. After three weeks of sitting in a brightly lit window, we removed the tin foil, might've needed a little more time :)

However, on the darker pieces of construction paper you can see a difference in color. You can also see that the paper that was in dark cabinet is darker than the piece that was exposed to sunlight.

How did yours turn out? Check out the questions below from Laura to think more about your project:

Art Doctor Is In_Tin Can Kids_Lunder Con
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