Diary of a Pandemic: New & Observer

Tin Can Kids was recently highlighted by the News & Observer.

Tin Can Kids was a direct product of the pandemic caused by COVID-19.

With a background in distance learning in museums, Emily’s first thought was: let’s combine our collective need (to create structure and connections, for our kids and ourselves, in uncertain times) with our individual expertise (amazing moms who know about every topic under the sun) and create a virtual one-room schoolhouse for and by our kids..”


I (Jean Gray Mohs) called right away to jump in and with my expertise as an educator and artist, we spun up an idea, a Google form, and an Instagram feed in about 24 hours. I came up with the name, Tin Can Kids, and designed the logo. I thought about what can represent separate but together, communication, play, kid-created. That’s all epitomized in the logo, and it’s also the very elements that make Tin Can Kids work.


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