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Updated: Jun 28, 2020

Jean Gray here. I don't know about what state you live in or what school schedule you are on but my kids have been on summer break since May 20th. 😳 School is out for summer. Usually I would be ecstatic but this is no typical summer.

As far as I can tell, we will be housebound for the rest of the summer without summer camps or summer pool to fill our days. So, whats a lady to do?! The teacher in me is hyper focused on how we will fill our time in a fun, engaging, meaningful way. The artist in me wants to lay the groundwork for creative, activities that evoke problem solving and exploration. I am hoping to structure an environment where there won't be all screen time or too much free time. I don't know about you but my 6 year old twins can make some real mischief with too much free time.

Enter the Tin Can Kids Toolkit: .

  • Six individually-themed weeks with daily, curated activities that are divided into Brain Games, Exploration, Creative Play, and Experimentation;

  • Additional curated online resources, pre-recorded demo videos, and collaborative forums to share your projects (optional);

  • A live, weekly lunch bunch at 12:00 on Friday’s to learn from each other about what we accomplished during the week (this is not recorded or posted).

We’re sharing the Oceans week for free here so you can see what it’s like. It’s made to be flexible and give you lots of options. Choose your own adventure. Pick all the activities or just choose just a few, the fun is up to you!

Week One: Oceans. Download the PDF below.

Ocean Week Schedule_Tin Can Kids Summer
Download • 99KB

Download Oceans Support Sheets below.

Ocean Summer Sheets_Tin Can Kids Summer
Download • 341KB

As you move through the week, share your creations via our member forum or on Instagram @tincankids/#tincankids. It could be a photo of your art, a picture of your writing, a video of an ocean skit, a tour of your ocean mural, the world is your oyster!

The rest of the summer themes are:

Week One: Space

Week Two: The Body

Week Three: Self Care

Week Four: 3D, 2D, and Me

Week Five: Bugs and Plants

Week Six: Community: Local and Global

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Tin Can Kids was initially born out of a need for structure and community in March as we all walked out of our schools and walked into our homes for a few months with our families by our side. Summer is upon my family and will soon be upon yours and we hope to share resources and ideas to help support you.

Emily and I are both educators at heart and have curated a camp-like curriculum that breeds fun while still allowing growth in writing and math throughout the summer. My kids are 6 and this curriculum is tailored to their level but the activities can be paired down or added to easily for your own kiddos needs. This toolkit would best fit kids pre-k - third grade.

You all rock!

Jean Gray (@jg.fourdots) and Emily (@emily.kotecki)

Tin Can Kids Co-Creators

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